Church Groups
What we like to do...

Our current activities include...

Worship- Every Holy Mass and special occasions involve in worship where we praise God, hear His message, respond to Him through prayer and songs. Members of our league participate as Altar boys, Scripture readers, Church choir and Guides for young children.

Outreach- reach out to others in the form of Bible seminars, games and skits under the thoughtful guidance of our Parish Priest and Youth Coordinators. 
As our work has only just begun we will endeavour to grow further with an aim to:

  • Help youth grow into the maturity and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  • Equip youth for Christian fellowship and worship for “God commands are not too hard for us, because everyone who is a child of God conquers the world”- 1 John 5:3     
  • Facilitate youth to form an annexe of the STSMC community in Bristol, serving in many ways by utilising young talents, knowledge, experience, time and sheer will.
  • Prepare youth to participate in the mission of the church.
We bring youth and colour to this society and are proud to carry forward the legacy of our Keralite ancestors in UK.