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Message from Bishop Gregory Karotemprel CMI Fr g

It is really very satisfying to know you are going to start a website on your Syro-Malabar Community there to give information about the life and activities of the Syro-Malabar community there. It is a very good venture because our people are likely to get a lot latest information about our Mother Church. I believe it is not only beneficial but even more necessary because our people have got very limited knowledge about the history and identity of our church and the right and duty of every faithful of Syro-Malabar church to live his / her Christian faith in its own ritual and ecclesial traditions.
A catholic born in a particular Rite is bound to live his Christian faith in the ecclesial traditions of that Rite. “Provision must be made therefore everywhere in the world to protect, and advance all these individual Churches. For this purpose, each should organize its own parishes and hierarchy, where the spiritual good of the faithful requires it. Prelates of the various individual Churches who have jurisdiction in the same territory should meet at regular intervals for consultation, and thus foster unity of action and strive together to meet their common tasks, so as better to further the good of religion and to safeguard more effectively the discipline of their clergy. All clerics and those who are to receive sacred orders should be well instructed concerning rites and particularly in practical rules for inter-ritual questions. Lay people also should receive instructions concerning rites and their rules in their catechetical formation.”

         “All members of the Eastern Churches should be firmly convinced that they can and ought to always preserve their own legitimate liturgical rites and ways of life, and that changes are to be introduced only to forward their own organic development. They themselves are to carry out, all these prescriptions with the greatest fidelity. They are to aim always at a more perfect knowledge and practice of their rites and if they have fallen away due to circumstances of times or persons, they are to strive to return to their ancestral Traditions.”

          I congratulate you for undertaking this venture of starting a website for your community there. My prayers in full measure for its grand success. God bless you all.

†Gregory Karotemprel CMI
Commission for Evangelization and Pastoral Care of the


Message from Fr. Jiji Alakkalam SVD

Friends in Christ

         Today it has often been said that the world is on our fingertips. With a booming of media and communication technologies our world has become a small village and we are related with each other, knowingly or unknowingly, beyond our imagination. We also hear people going to the extent of saying that ‘to be is to be in the media’, meaning one does not exist if one is not in the media.
I am indeed glad to know that, keeping with the signs of the time, St. Thomas Catholic Community in Bristol is launching a website. As far as I am concerned it is a necessary initiative in the right direction. I wish and hope that, as time passes by, this noble initiative may evolve as a platform for its members to share ideas, opinions and constructive criticisms which will further enhance the growth of this community.
I wish to extend my appreciation to all those who labored behind this project. As the people of the land often say CHEERS!!! May all your endeavors make the prayer of Jesus come true, “that they may all be one” (Jn 17:21).

In the Divine Word
Fr. Jiji Alakkalam SVD