Church Groups

CLASS- CATHOLIC LADIES ASSOCIATION FOR SUPPORT AND SERVICE ...... is a group of lively, enthusiastic and conscientious women volunteers within the STSMCC.


We would like to enrich and develop one another and to embrace the wider world with compassionate hearts and charitable, altruistic actions. We hope to bring the magic of laughter and sunshine to tear stained faces and melancholic hearts. We have ears to listen, voices to join in, shoulders to lean on, arms to hug...but most importantly brains and hearts to share with others in our community who have left behind family and friends to make a living in Bristol.

With our simple and sincere efforts, we aim at contributing towards the greatest goal of humanity, for a world with no barriers of differences that cast us under a multitude of labels, for a world of just one class, the human class. We will be contented and delighted if our collective efforts render towards making our little worlds wider, brighter and beautiful, for others and ourselves.

We meet 1st Sunday of every month after mass socially for fellowship and friendship.

We pay a small one time subscription, towards covering the cost of sundries. You are very welcome to come and meet us and have a chat.

“Through this toilsome world, alas! Once and only once I pass: If a kindness I may show, if a good deed I may do to a suffering fellow man, let me do it while I can. No delay, for it’s plain I shall not pass this way again.” Ettiene De Grellet